Judicial Statistics for 2013

The Court of Justice has released an abridged version of its annual statistics for 2013 ahead of its annual report. Get the press release here.

The Court of Justice received a record number of new cases in 2013: it received 699 new cases. That is a 10 % increase over 2012.
The number of preliminary references reached the highest number ever : 450 new cases.

The Court of Justice completed 701 cases in 2013, compared with 595 in 2012.

As for the duration of proceedings, preliminary references took 16.3 months, appeals 16.6 months and direct actions took 24.3 months.
Urgent preliminary references (PPUs) took 2.2 months.

The General Court received 790 new cases in 2013, a dramatic 30 % increase over 2012. The growth in the number of all cases seen over the past years is confirmed in all sectors but the increase in the field of intellectual property is greater than in other sectors.
The duration of cases reduced slightly, by one month, and the average duration is now about 30 months.

More to follow no doubt when the annual reports for 2013 are released.

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