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Case C-394/14 Sandy Siewert v Condor Flugdienst: compensation for flight delays, super fast preliminary reference

Here’s a rather amusing case. Well, the way the Court of Justice dealt with the case will make folks who have been left stuck in airports smile. What actually happened to the plaintiffs in the main proceedings was not so funny.

In Case C-394/14 Sandy Siewert and others v Condor Flugdienst, EU:C:2014:2377, the Court of Justice handed down swift and decisive justice. In just under three months, the Court handed down an order responding to a reference from a national court to the effect that the plaintiffs in the national proceedings were indeed entitled to compensation under Regulation 261/2004 because their had been delayed for more than six hours. That’s right: question received by the Court of Justice on 18 August 2014, answer given on 14 November 2014. Bang !

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Freedom to provide maritime transport services – The judgment in Case C-83/13 Fonnship

The Court of Justice (“the Court”) has given its judgment in Case C-83/13 Fonnship A/S v Svenska Transportarbetareförbundet and Others today. The case concerned the question whether a vessel flying a third-country flag (Panamanian in this case) can benefit from the freedom to provide maritime transport services on the basis of Regulation No 4055/86 on the freedom to provide maritime transport services (“the Regulation” or “Regulation No  4055/86).

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Case C-43/12 Commission v Parliament and Council: Legal basis, opt out

There were nearly 30 000 deaths caused by road traffic accidents in the EU in 2012 (see table showing the evolution of road fatalities here. That’s a lot.

The Court of Justice’s judgment in Case C-43/12 Commission v Parliament and Council EU:C:2014:298 shows that attempts to put in place effective legislation to reduce the number of fatalities are frought with legal difficulties. Continue reading