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Call for papers: Cahiers de droit européen

Our friends on the editorial board of the Cahiers de droit européen, the leading French language journal on EU law, have kindly asked us to publicise their call for papers for the special issue of the journal.

Here it is…. so warm up your word processors, typewriters, pens or whatever you use and start writing:

Call to contribute papers for the 50-year anniversary of

Cahiers de droit européen

On the occasion of its 50-year anniversary, Cahiers de droit européen is organising a conference on the General principles of European Union law, to be held in Brussels on 10 September 2015. The Board of Editors is inviting submissions. All selected papers will be published in a special issue of the review.

The first part of the conference will touch upon horizontal issues raised by general principles of EU Law. General principles played a crucial role in the construction of the legal order of the Community, and later of the Union. They enabled e.g. the development of the law of non-contractual liability of the Union and were for a long time the only legal tool ensuring the protection of fundamental rights.

Many general principles were explicitly anchored in primary law, through successive reforms of the treaties. The ‘codification’ in the treaties of a certain number of principles of an institutional nature, as well as the entry into force of a binding version of the Charter of fundamental rights of the Union, are good illustrations of this phenomenon. However, this does not mean that general principles have disappeared as a source of law, nor that they are no longer useful. Recent case-law of the Court bears testimony to this, notably as regards the combined effect of certain general principles and directives or as regards horizontal direct effect of the Charter. We would therefore welcome original contributions relating to the status, the scope and the usefulness of general principles in the Union’s legal order.

The second part of the conference will examine specific principles that can be grouped into the three following categories:

  • Principles of loyal cooperation and institutional balance (institutional principles) ;
  • Principle of non-discrimination (substantive principle) ;
  • Rights of defence and right to an effective remedy and to a fair trial (procedural principles).

Proposals for papers, of a length of maximum 2000 words, should contain a summary presentation in French or English as well as the main references to case-law. The proposal should specify to which of the above issues it relates.

Submissions should be sent to Mrs. Anne Vallery, Secretary to the Board of Editors (anne.vallery@vvgb-law.com), before 1 March 2015. Summary presentations will be reviewed and selected by a scientific committee. Authors will receive an answer no later than 20 April 2015. The selected summaries will be published in a brochure that will be communicated to all conference participants.

Final contributions should be sent to the Cahiers no later than 15 November. They will be published in the first issue of the 2016 volume.

Reasonable costs of intra-European travel and accommodation will be reimbursed for invited speakers.

The Board of Editors