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Case T-355/13 easyJet Airline Co. Ltd. v Commission: Complaints, Abuse and National Competition Authority

The judgment of the General Court of 21 January 2015 in EasyJet Airline Co. Ltd. v Commission, T-355/13, EU:T:2015:36, contains some interesting things about:

  • the Commission’s discretion to reject complains about breaches of the competition rules and judicial review of that discretion on the one hand and how the Commission and
  • how national competition authorities interact in the framework of the “European Competition Network” on the other.

A few facts first.

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Case C-421/12 Commission v Belgium: Infringement proceedings and the role of the Member State

The Court of Justice’s recent judgment in Case C-421/12 Commission v Belgium EU:C:2014:2064 highlights a couple of interesting general points about infringement actions against Member States: the need for the states to cooperate, for one and what role national courts may have for another.

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