Blogs and websites we like

Here is a selection of blogs and websites we like. We will add to it as time goes by.

If you write a blog or have a webpage which you think is relevant to our topic and which you would like us to link to, please send us word. Should we link to you, we’d appreciate it if you would link to us.


EU Law Analysis : an excellent source of information and commentary as well as a companion to Barnard and Peers, European Union Law (a highly recommended book).

European Law Blog : another excellent source of information and commentary.

Eutopia law : Practical comment on selected topics of EU law, founded by the barristers at Matrix Chambers, London.

Court of Justice Blogspot : Comments on cases of the Court of Justice concerning some topics of EU law (environment, state aids etc).

Twenty First Century Competition: A must for EU competition law enthusiasts.

Chilling Competition : a fun site for competition law boffins.

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